Welcome to a new approach of countering and preventing extremism.

About Us

Beyond Barriers was founded in January 2020 by former extremist, Jeff Schoep, and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to a world devoid of extremism, radicalized organizations, hate, violence, coercive and violent ideologies, working toward these ends through our current, future, and planned programs. Unique to Beyond Barriers is the composition of ex-extremist leaders, as well as academics and professionals involved directly in its research and development.


Staffed with a team comprised of individuals who are experts in their field, Beyond Barriers encompasses a wide spectrum of needs. Our programs range in scope from thoroughly researched and developed academic deradicalization, community outreach to those affected by extremism, outreach to parents of at-risk youth, a 24-7 hotline, copious articles, podcasts and interviews with former extremists and experts in the field, direct intervention with those thinking about leaving or who have recently left, training and education, and through expanding our work one on one within communities affected. We have extensive media content and social media networks to distribute information about our programs across the globe.

Beyond Barriers focuses on the prevention of individuals joining extremist movements, deradicalization of former extremists and the reintegration of former extremists (“formers”) into society.  We recognize the needs of former extremists in dissolving their previous ideologies, cultural integration and education, and being open and honest with them because many of us in Beyond Barriers were there, ourselves. Members of the Beyond Barriers staff have spoken and given lectures about preventing and countering extremism nationally and internationally, from synagogues to universities, from broadcasts on network television to international symposiums. In addition to working alongside both community and government agencies, Beyond Barriers maintains partnerships with research institutions such as Simon Wiesenthal Center, RAND Corporation, International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism (ICSVE), health professionals, academic research and development teams, religious and educational institutions across the United States and abroad.


Beyond Barriers tailors its approach to its interventions and working with those who leave or are thinking of leaving extremism. Our initiative stands unique in its working knowledge of extremism and extremist organizations, balanced by the professional academia of those who work with and alongside Beyond Barriers. The limitless potential of Beyond Barriers to address extremism and domestic terrorism can be highly impactful to the societal ailments, ideologies and problems spurred by extremism of all stripes and calibers and to shift the tides in the war against domestic terrorism and hate. The community-centric approach of Beyond Barriers and attention to detail is unparalleled.

Beyond Barriers is holistic and individualized in its approach, understanding that every person has individualized reasons for joining and leaving extremism.


Beyond Barriers is engaged in numerous activities such as counter-messaging in conjunction with former extremists, exposing false extremist ideologies, research and development of new programs to assist formers, those affected by extremism and community leaders, providing interventions, extremism and domestic terrorism consultancy.

Social media is an important means to get our message out to the populace and as it stands has an outreach of millions. Through social media and targeted marketing, we share articles, videos, and our message to bring more people to awareness that we are out there (they are not alone) to give them support and assist them in change and healing. We are active on nearly all social media platforms and would like to expand our marketing campaign to spread further and serve more individuals.

Communication is Oxygen

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