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From the Founder

Welcome to Beyond Barriers. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people leave extremist organizations as well as providing support and connections to individuals and communities affected by extremism.

I hesitated, again and again, on creating Beyond Barriers as there are already other established de-radicalization organizations, each with their own methods and missions. However, the number of individuals contacting me through my personal website seeking guidance, advice, and help has been absolutely incredible. It is because of the overwhelmingly high volume of individuals and communities seeking help that I decided it was time for Beyond Barriers to be born. A new approach to countering and preventing extremism which seeks to dismantle the barriers that bind the minds of those imprisoned by extremist ideologies or groups. I have unique insights into the extremist world because of my unfortunate but extensive 25 year history as the leader of the National Socialist Movement (largest neo-Nazi organization in the US). I understand the mindset, the grievances, the fears, and the narratives.

Many organizations simply treat only the symptoms of extremism or the devastating aftermath it has caused. Beyond Barriers is committed to not only helping individuals disengage and de-radicalize, but also to helping educate communities and policymakers on how to address this ever growing problem of extremism. The threat of radical extremism is growing at an exponential rate in the United States and abroad. While many organizations see this as a competitive field, Beyond Barriers was created to work alongside other community and civic organizations. Beyond Barriers is dedicated to educating communities and their leaders on how to help individuals adjust back into civil society. In order to counter the radical and extremist thought we must tackle these things not only as individuals, but together as a community.

Beyond Barriers is non-Partisan and we do not align with any political parties, nor do we wish to be part of the massive amount of polarization between Republicans and Democrats or “Antifa” and Nationalists and so on. We cannot do this work, nor help anyone effectively if we are aligned with any specific political agenda. Beyond Barriers crosses the aisles in our peace building mission and work with everyone, we do not care if you are Conservative or Liberal or any other ideology we are here to help PEOPLE who are in need.

The Beyond Barriers team and myself refuse to sit back any longer as extremists on both sides are radicalizing larger numbers of Americans every single day. We are here for YOU, all of you! If you are trying to walk away from any extreme movement, be it the Far-Right, Far-Left, Religious extremism, a cult, a gang, whatever it may be, Beyond Barriers is here to walk with you along your journey. If you or your community have been affected by racism, antisemitism, gangs or any form of radical extremism, Beyond Barriers is here for you too. Our team comes from all different walks of life and together we are building a network to better the lives of individuals, communities and humanity as a whole.

By speaking these truths, and not aligning with one polarizing group or another we understand loud and clear that our presence in this field is needed now more than ever. The number of people reaching out to us is proof. We also expect to get a lot of hate directed our way from both the Far Right & Far Left along with a few others who have their own self serving agendas.

If you or a loved one are struggling with leaving extremism, reach out to us today and we will be in touch with you. Your privacy and security are of paramount importance to us and if you wish to remain anonymous that will be respected.

For those of you who would like to help us in our mission, support, services, donations, tattoo cover ups, or if you are a licensed counselor, or some other similar professional who would like to volunteer with us in helping people, please contact us today.

We can be reached by email at
[email protected]
or by phone at (313) 288-9282.

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