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The ICSVE Escape Hate Counter-Narrative Project believes that people learn best by real-life stories.  These videos are all stories of real people, insiders from NSM, the Klan, Proud Boys, Aryan Nations, Aryan Brotherhood and other extremist groups telling their real stories about what attracted them to hate, what their experiences inside these groups were, both good and bad, and why and how they left. They are examples that you can break through barriers and recover your life after hate.
The titles and thumbnails are intentionally chosen to look like extremist propaganda so as to attract viewers who might need to see these stories.  We hope you benefit from them also.  Feel free to counter post them and place them on your social media. Share these videos and help us reach others.  To help society both to avoid getting into hate groups and to exit from them.  
We need to replace hate with love.  At Beyond Barriers we are here for you.  After watching if you want to contact us please do.  We can help you exit from hate.

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